Jewelry Care

Q: How to take care of your silver jewelry?

  • Keep your jewelry dry, avoid wearing it while swimming, bathing or in hot springs. When wearing, avoid contact with chemical products such as perfume, cosmetics, and laundry detergent.
  • Silver jewelry is prone to oxidation and may turn black if left for a long time; this is a normal occurrence. When not wearing it, try to store it in a sealed manner.
  • If your silver jewelry turns black you can restore it by using silver polishing cloth.
  • 925 silver pins have a relatively soft material and can be bent. Exerting strong force during packaging may cause the silver pin to be slightly bent. There is no need to worry, a gentle touch with your hand can restore it. But do not bend it at the base as it may easily break. This is not a quality issue.

Q: How to take care of your pearl jewelry?

  • Reduce contact with cosmetics, as the chemicals in cosmetics and perfumes can easily cause pearls to turn yellow.
  • Stay away from oily fumes and avoid places with steam.
  • Do not wear it while taking a shower, as the chemicals in shower gel and shampoo can easily erode pearls.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure, as overly dry environments can cause pearls to lose their moisture and luster.
  • Do not wear pearls while exercising, as even slight impacts or friction can cause irreversible damage to the surface of pearls.
  • Wipe clean immediately after wearing.
  • Please store them separately in a jewelry box. Pearls have a very low hardness and should be kept away from other hard jewelry items.